Solar paneling on the roof of our van provides renewable energy for Arturo. All our packaging i.e boxes, napkins, cutlery is environmentally friendly and compostable. We try as much as possible to recycle or compost our waste.

Our Produce

As secondary producers we are very careful on the produce we select. Our vegetables, salads and herbs are from local wholesale greengrocers who hold full knowledge on the provenance of their stock. We attempt to purchase locally produced items if possible and so try to keep our accompaniments, sauces both local and seasonal, all of which is gluten free.

Our Meat

Premium British Sirloin steak matured in house to truly 21 days for tender, succulent taste. All comes via an ethical breed programme that is Red tractor, DEFRA and British Quality Standard approved gold award winning beef; seasoned, seared on a hot griddle to your personal preference.

Our Fish

Our fishmonger is connected to Cornish family with fresh fish sourced from Cornish suppliers.

Our Frites

The frites we use are of the highest quality and taste, cooked in Rapeseed oil, also gluten free.