About Gourdans

Gourdans name reflects the camaraderie between friends and family, being a take on a derogatory, though affectionate name calling.

Gourdans are inspired by delicious street food, prepared and cooked to individual orders for our customers. Trips to Belgium, France and Switzerland, directed us to bring Steak Frites to the streets.

Every element is carefully selected to the highest quality we can source.

Our passion for the outdoor life, food and V Dub vans led us almost accidentally into Arturo’s ‘little vintage Renault Estafette’ path, after which everything else followed quite naturally to create our kitchen on wheels. We adore Arturo and in our second year an additional member to the team ‘Sabine’ has joined us to add a second kitchen. Both vehicles have undertaken a full professional conversion that has enabled us to cater at multiple locations and broaden our customer base.

We aim to serve the best Steak & Frites, made to order.